Shea is a mother of two sweet children, Sydni who is 5 & year and a half old Pax.

Photography allows her to spend quality time with her children while continuing to sharpen her skills by capturing special memories of their family life. Outside of photography she enjoys family outings, planning & decorating for events, and date nights with her husband Waylon.

Shea Westmoreland

Darrelyn, better known as Dee, is the mother of four grown children. Three boys, Justin, Kale, Jace, and one girl, Shea (her business partner). Her husband and partner in life is Allen. Outside of photography she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and hanging out with her friends. She also owns a salon where she works as a nail tech a couple of days a week. She loves Mexican food and tends to overuse exclamation points!!!

Darrelyn "Dee" Derden

because birth is just as beautiful and important, it deserves to be shared and talked about.

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