because birth is just as beautiful and important, it deserves to be shared and talked about.

Birth deserves to be celebrated! The day your child is born, changes everything. Where words fail to capture the depth of the moment, a photograph preserves all the emotion of your labor, delivery and first moments after the birth.

Hiring a birth photographer allows your partner to be completely present with you throughout labor and delivery and especially in those sacred bonding moments after birth so you can just live them together.

By hiring a professional “Birth” photographer your partner will be free to experience the moment as it is happening, and not through the lens of a camera, and they can actually be in the photos!

Birth is wildly unpredictable. There are no do-overs. You will never have the chance to re-live the moment you first saw your baby, how you looked at each other the first time you held him/her on your chest. I promise you will want to be able to remember it for the rest of your life.

Everyone’s focus should be on You and Baby. Having a birth photographer ensures that you will have plenty of images of everyone involved to look back on and remember the day as it truly was.
And finally, you will have beautiful documentation of your child’s birth to share with them!


Here are just a few great reasons:

How Does Birth Photography work?

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